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Project Description

BrokerWeb Risk Service

Well worth approaching for a fresh innovative review of your insurances, BWRS is part of the BrokerWeb Group in New Zealand, the leading group of independent brokers in this country; this allegiance provides access to a further 38 offices throughout New Zealand, giving BWRS a unique ability to provide face-to-face local service anywhere across the land.

As a result, through being part of one of the major insurance buying groups in the country, BWRS has a strong market presence, and significant buying power for clients.

BWRS is therefore able to secure the sharpest prices for our clients; always commensurate with the best cover in relation to the risks that need to be insured by each individual client.

BWRS does not just purchase and place insurances for clients, it has the strongest focus on claims of any broker operating in this country – claims are a major focus at BWRS, and we pride ourselves in being able to use our market strength to negotiate strongly in relation to claims lodged by our clients, the ultimate test of an insurance contract, and the test of an insurance brokers worth.

BWRS has purpose-designed insurance policy wordings – we do not use standard insurance company paper – we are one of only a handful of brokers in New Zealand who have this benefit, our own policy wordings accepted by insurers, providing clients with broader coverage than the norm.

We will only place your insurance with financially secure markets, ensuring the best protection for you as our client.

We are flexible and can customise our service to suit individual customer needs; which you cannot find with many of our competitors.

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