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Custom Spreadsheet Solutions

Short Description.

I love spreadsheets!

I will customise a spreadsheet to meet your needs. If you are having trouble getting a spreadsheet to do what you want, or you are repeating a task, there is probably a better way. Having used spreadsheets for many years and looked at the functions in depth I can streamline and speed up your spreadsheet. I also have experience writing VBA code, which works behind the scenes in a spreadsheet to automate tasks.

I will spend time to understand your requirements and provide you with an obligation free quote.

I will fully customise a solution to meet your needs.

See the website for examples of the work I do.

Detailed Description

My name is Grant Baldwin. I design and build customised spreadsheets for organisations looking to increase accuracy and efficiency. My clients are able to work more efficiently and spend time on the parts of their jobs they enjoy instead of dealing with repetitive tasks or manual entry.

Spreadsheets are very powerful programs and have many built in features that most people do not know about. I can also write VBA code, which works in the background of a spreadsheet and once set up can complete complex tasks with the click of a button. I have always used spreadsheets as part of my employment. One day, I decided that I wanted use my spreadsheet skills to help organisations by building customised spreadsheets, so I set up my business, Custom Spreadsheet Solutions to do just that.

I have previously worked as a Teacher (Mathematics, Computing, Accounting), an Information Analyst, and in Database Support. I am highly analytical and have great problem solving skills. I will listen carefully to ascertain your needs and create a solution that meets those needs.

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