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Project Description


Things you should know about us – We do not do ordinary! Other people will call what we do training, we call it facilitation of learning. We are a group of creative, ideas people with a strong focus on sustainable change interventions. Albert Einstein said: “Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them” and this is what we live by. We will look at your challenges from all angels and help you to arrive at solutions that make you stand out from the crowd.
Things we can do – The Edu-wize team are well experienced and come from various industries. As such, the chances are good that we can help you without having to refer you to lots of other people. We offer a diverse range of skills and services and if we don’t have the answers to solve your problems ourselves, we won’t hesitate to tell you that and to recommend or bring in specialist professional from our own network.

Our team of facilitators has combined experience across most industries and to ensure a sustainable effect we propose to work with you in the following way:
Phase one of the process commences with a business needs analysis with input from the leadership team. People are behind every process and the analysis will focus on identifying the various factors which impact on employee performance. Taking this into account, the skills development in your business will be aligned to your organisational goals. Phase one will outline the return on investment of your skills development spend and the result you are likely to see.
Phase two commences with the development of a comprehensive skills and training matrix for the organisation which incorporates the findings from phase one.
Some of the factors considered as we work with you;
• Alignment of training objectives and company strategic direction
• Consideration of company operating policies and procedures
• Employee availability for training.

Following the continuous improvement philosophy, every improvement project will

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