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Project Description

Event-Tech (NZ) Ltd

As qualified technician, I have worked for Telecom for 16 years fixing phone exchanges & transmission equipment before setting up Stage Logistics in 1990.

Stage Logistics is a business specialising in the entertainment industry. While working in that industry, demand was proven in the conference market supplying Hi tech equipment with full technical support. Not just supplying boxes. Hence, the birth of eventTECH. The ability to cross over from good sound to video conferencing using the internet, video and video conferencing is an excellent asset.

Success is the result of “win, win, win”, in that the best result is where your guests, you, and I get a solution we are all pleased with. In most cases this is were the result is focused on. I enjoy constant challenge and I will stay committed until the best result is obtained. Commit to me and I will commit to you.

Chris Morton – Owner / Operator

Phone us: 0800 356-656
Website: www.event-tech.co.nz

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