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Stephen Parsons’ House of Travel

Stephen Parsons House of Travel anchors the Square.
You’ll find us at the southern end, on the corner of the Square and Main Street where we’ve been an iconic and valued member of the Palmerston North business scene for 27 years.
We have also anchored the ever increasing travel industry in the Manawatu and further afield. We are proud to say we’re locally owned and operated and, with 11 staff, we are the largest agency in the region.
When you add the resources of other Houses of Travel at our finger-tips, you know we can provide you with an impressive, comprehensive service.
Our commitment to you is 24/7. We are not limited to business hours. When you purchase travel from us we make ourselves available at any time to meet your needs. If your journey takes you to Istanbul or Invercargill, we are here as your personal and professional back-up to ensure your journey is rewarding, enjoyable and hassle-free.
To achieve that, our team has travelled to most parts of the globe to experience and pass on our personal knowledge to our customers. When you engage us to handle your travel arrangements we can say “been there, done that” and offer you the best advice.
We know planes, cruise ships, rental cars, bus timetables, luxury train services and where you can buy a sturdy pair of boots to walk the Heaphy Track.
Travel is constantly changing and the world has become a volatile place. While it’s possible to book Beirut, Baghdad, Boston or Brisbane on line, we are the people who can tell you if it’s safe, whether your hotel has a good reputation, if it’s in a secure and accessible part of town and if your transport arrangements can get you there.
When you travel abroad or leave on your big OE, it’s important that you know everything about your journey. You’re in responsible and safe hands when you book through Stephen Parsons House of Travel. While we place much emphasis on meeting you and sharing our knowledge, we also welcome customer inquiries about group travel.

Phone us: 06 356 7051
Fax Us: 06 354 7120

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