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Project Description

FMG logo for Manawatu Chamber of Commerce



We loved working with Andy, and the videos he produced for us were the exact message that we wanted;

he really captured the spirit of the Chamber and the Young Chamber too.  An absolute professional at all times.

Our filming involved liaising with some of the biggest businesses and regional stakeholders

so this was a key factor in working with him.  A definite recommendation from us!

Amanda Linsley

Chief Executive

Manawatu Chamber of Commerce

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Andy McGrath over the past 10 years. Andy is a gifted videographer, a neat guy and a pro to work with.

Andy’s skills have been an invaluable tool in helping the profile of our business, putting words and sound together

so that end-users get the opportunity of listening to other farmers, just as though they were sitting listening to them in their own home. I recommend Andy to you.

Stephen Bell-Booth


Bell-Booth Ltd