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Family Business 101 Breakfast Sessions

New Zealand is the land of family business – and the most innovative!

 With the impact of COVID 19, we are obviously living in interesting times. Like all family businesses, Family Business Central is busy adapting and changing so that we can provide maximum support to you and your family business.

We are now moving pretty much all our work online – there is little to nothing that we can’t do via Zoom/Skype. Interestingly we had already started this process before the virus hit.

So, for our Family Business 101 Breakfast Session on April 1, we are offering each person who has signed up, a free 45-minute Zoom or Skype session (your $45 will be refunded, or if you prefer, donated to charity). These sessions will take you through everything we cover in Family Business Central 101 sessions, as well as talk to you about your family business and what, especially in these times you need or want to do.

If you’ve not already signed up, we’d love to chat with you via Zoom or Skype, or perhaps you’d like to join us for a coffee (virtual that is) on the 1st April at 7.30 via a Zoom meeting (if you’ve not used Zoom, we can arrange the details once you’ve registered).

And, we have another option that your family may find interesting. At no cost to you, we will arrange a 45-minute Zoom meeting between us and your entire family. This way everyone in the family business (or associated with it) can have the same experience. We’re particularly excited about this option as it does enable families to get a consistent message about the things that are really important to all family businesses.

We very much look forward to chatting with you on Zoom. In the meantime take care of you and your family.


Bob Selden and Phil Pryor

OPTIONS – there are three . . .

1. If you’ve already registered for April 1st and would like to have an individual Zoom or Skype session, contact Bob on the email address below to arrange a convenient time.

2. If you’d like to join us for a group Zoom meeting on 1st April at 7.30am, advise this preference to Bob.

3. If you’d like to have your family participate in a Zoom discussion with Bob and Phil, email to arrange a time.

Book your Zoom meeting by emailing Bob on bob@familybusinesscentral.co.nz

For further information visit: www.familybusinesscentral.com or call Bob Selden on 027 565 1110.