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                                FAMILY BUSINESS CENTRAL IS PROUD TO ANNOUNCE THE FIRST NEW ZEALAND                                                 FAMILY BUSINESS CONFERENCE




This exciting and unique one-day conference is for anyone who is involved in a family business or family farm. It provides practical, down to earth information as well as a chance to share ideas and experiences with other family businesses.

We’ve got two leading family businesses presenting on their experiences of leading and growing a successful family business—one being over 118 years old and in its 4th generation!

As well there are six interactive workshops to choose from. These range from aligning your family with the business, growing a legacy, through to how to get your business ready for sale – and everything in between.

Bob Selden and Phil Pryor will be presenting on their 25 years of combined work with family businesses in three different countries, on what great family businesses do and don’t do.

So, bring the family so they can all learn and share in this amazing day.


“The mix of  love and money is a potent brew…. and needs to be managed carefully. 

This conference is an exciting opportunity to learn how to avoid the pitfalls while growing your business and your family.”

– Phil Pryor, CEO Family Business Central 


Find out more about the conference and watch our video here.

VENUE:   The beautiful ‘Caccia Birch House’

INVESTMENT: This includes morning tea and afternoon tea, lunch and celebration drinks afterwards. 

Individual $350 + GST

Couple $600 + GST

Family of Three $850 + GST

Family of four or more $1100 + GST


For more information go to www.familybusinesscentral.com



Unlimited available
FBC Conference - Individual$402.50FBC Conference - Individual
Unlimited available
FBC Conference - Couple$690.00FBC Conference - Couple
Unlimited available
FBC Conference - Family of 3$977.50FBC Conference - Family of 3
Unlimited available
FBC Conference - Family of 4 plus$1,126.50FBC Conference - Family of 4 plus