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Introverts & Extroverts – How to coexist

Presented by Wayne Dellow

Having an harmonious business isn’t always easy – particularly if your team is made up of very different personalities

Introverts and extroverts are often used as examples of polarising behaviour as they are so different.  However, both can be managed and catered for with a little thought and awareness of your team dynamics.

The trend towards open plan offices can have major impacts on team dynamics, as people are forced to co-exist without “boundaries” and essentially having to work in each other’s space. Understanding how to set your office up to cater for both introverts and extroverts will relax your team and increase productivity.

Understanding your team, and who they are naturally, will provide valuable insight into how you interact with each other, the role of team members at meetings, how meetings are run, and how you communicate with each other overall.

This presentation will make sense of tensions in your business and provide practical ways of increasing business harmony and well-being.

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