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Work Ready Passport

Work Ready Passport – Building stronger communities through active employment solutions.
By partnering with local employers, Chamber of Commerce, Council and the local secondary schools to
  • Equip youth with “work ready” attitude and experience to prove it.
  • Provide real support for young people to make successful transitions from school into training and employment
  • A tailored pre-employment assessment tool for employers
The programme provides learning pathways for secondary school students from year 9 – 13 or youth at risk programmes and adults struggling to find their way.
Work Ready Passport subjects are embedded within the existing school curriculum so students can achieve NCEA level 2, therefore it’s a smart choice.
All college students are eligible to collect evidence of their skills and experience in support of ten employer identified work-ready skills:
1. Work experience
2. Communication
3. Restricted driver’s licence
4. Teamwork
5. Being drug-free
6. Life skills
7. Personal wellness
8. Managing your money
9. Workplace health and safety
10. Academic achievements
Led by industry and aimed to help school leavers become ready for work.
The Work Ready Passport was developed over several years after conversations with many employers to identify what is work ready and how do you prove it.
Quality Assurance through a robust system ensures the programme meets employer needs across the country. Providing highly skilled employees for your workforce and encouraging youth to become part of your community.
For further information contact: Liane Anderson – Work Ready Passport
Work Ready passport image for Manawatu Chamber of Commerce